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Chart your course to success

With Connection Math as your guide, your mathematical journey becomes an exciting adventure in exploration, growth, and achievement.

Our lessons come in packs that you can schedule at your convenience. 


Semi-Private Lessons

$50 per Hour


College Classroom


Semi-Private Lessons

$45 per Hour


How does it work? 

Our lessons are booked on an hourly basis, through an economical package pricing struture.

Semi-Private Lessons, a 2:1 lesson experience with two students to one tutor per lesson, is our standard and recommended lesson style. Lessons are scheduled for a minimum duration of 1 hour, with the flexibility to choose additional half-hour increments. Learn More About Our Program.

If you prefer a 1:1 private lesson experience for your students, you have the flexibility to use two 1-hour lessons from the pack to book a dedicated 1-hour private lesson. 

Once your package is coming to an end, you will receive timely notifications when your lesson count is running low. Plus, we've made renewal a breeze – a simple click on the provided renewal link takes you to effortlessly purchase another lesson pack and continue your learning journey and success. 

Billing is seamlessly aligned with the number of lessons purchased, and lessons are deducted from your package as you use them. The process is transparent and convenient, ensuring you have control over your learning journey.

It's important to note that one-time instructional lessons cannot be purchased. We firmly believe in the power of consistency to help build the necessary processes for the student's learning journey.

Whether you prefer the ease of online transactions on our website or the personalized touch of an in-person visit to the Connection Math Center, purchasing lesson packs is made flexible to suit your preferences. Your learning experience, your way!

Book Your Spot

  1. Fill out the Intake Form: Clients start by filling out a form providing information about the student or client.

  2. Purchase Lesson Packs: After the form, clients buy lesson packs. These packs contain a certain number of lessons. See Pricing.

  3. Schedule Lessons: Typically, clients schedule (via email or phone) semi-private lessons with tutors at our center. These lessons are designed for two students with one tutor. Lessons are a minimum of 1 hour and can be scheduled in half-hour increments.

  4. Flexible Options: If preferred, clients can also opt for private lessons based on their preference, please contact us to help you set this up.

Contact Us

545 Meridian Ave. Suite C

San Jose CA 95126

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Monday-Friday: 3pm-6pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: 3pm-6pm

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