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Why Choose ConnectionMath?

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How It Works



In this top-down approach, students carefully study and reference the foundational principles/rules of a math concept and then work on applying them both individually and together through practice problems.

How We Apply It:

Tutors refer to the key rules of the given math concept and encourage students to write them down. As students work through practice problems tutors may remind students of the next rule to apply.


In this bottom-up approach, students study a variety of examples related to the concepts they're working on. They then work on replicating the examples and understanding the why of each step in the solution.

How We Apply It:

Tutors first work through several example problems as students follow along. Students then work through their own practice problems and when they encounter difficulties tutors will refer students to particular steps in the demonstration problems.


In this approach, students reflect on problems by asking about known quantities, what they aim to find, relevant core principles, past similar problems, etc. This method leads to a deeper grasp of the problem and is often used in modern research.

How We Apply It:

As students work through practice problems and assess their progress, tutors will prompt them with relevant questions guiding the student to the solution. With practice, students will begin to ask themselves these questions toward the solutions.

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Adaptive Learning

Flexibility to Learn at Your Pace

At Connection Math, we believe in flexibility to learn at your own pace. Our tutors are dedicated to providing high-quality math education, creating greater access for students. With a community approach to tackling math problems, we help you find your preferred learning process. Join us today and unlock your math potential!

Together Towards Success

Affordable Excellence

Step into our accessible learning hub for affordable, top-notch math education. We offer high-quality lessons at a fraction of private tutoring costs, including free community sessions every Friday. Our hub provides multiple expert tutors, textbooks, calculators, and online references at affordable rates. Conveniently accessible via public transportation, we're dedicated to making exceptional math education accessible to everyone. Join us and excel in math without financial barriers.

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Community Driven Excellence

Together Towards Sucess

At Connection Math, we adopt a communal strategy to address mathematical challenges in a supportive community. Our commitment is not only to individual success but to the collective growth of our learning community. Our semi-private sessions foster collaboration among students, with open group lessons every Friday to promote collective learning and weekly community challenge problems. Through collaboration and shared achievements, we build a foundation for excellence in mathematics education. Join us on this journey of collaborative learning and mathematical discovery!

Tailored Learning Journeys

Empowering Your Process

We cultivate a culture of curiosity, where learning is a dynamic and engaging journey. Embracing the playful exploration of mathematical concepts, we inspire students to approach math with inquisitiveness, making the learning process enjoyable and enduring. We're dedicated to helping you uncover the problem-solving process that best suits you. Offering three distinct problem-solving styles—fundamentals, demonstration, and questioning—we aim to assist you in discovering your personalized approach. Join us in this journey of exploration and mastery of problem-solving techniques tailored to you!

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