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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Connection Math assist my student who is struggling in math?
    Absolutely, we provide support to students at all levels and stages of their math journey. Learn More.
  • How does Connection Math method work compared to private tutoring?
    Connection Math offers a distinctive, community-oriented approach to math learning in contrast to private tutoring. We promote student interaction with multiple tutors and peers, fostering exploration of diverse perspectives and problem-solving approaches. Our extensive resources, including math software, a comprehensive textbook library, and collaborative tutors, go beyond what an individual private tutor can provide. Explore the Difference.
  • If you focus on semi-private lessons, do I have to find someone to pair with?
    Absolutely not! At Connection Math, we take care of the pairing process for you. In the event that we are unable to find a suitable partner at your designated time slot, you will automatically receive a private lesson at the semi-private rate. Your seamless learning experience is our priority!
  • Can I purchase private tutoring lessons?
    Certainly! If you're interested in private tutoring, our offerings are structured around lesson packs. You have the flexibility to use two 1-hour lessons from the pack to book a dedicated 1-hour private lesson. This allows you to tailor your learning experience according to your preferences. Feel free to explore our lesson packs to make the most of your private tutoring sessions. Discover Options.
  • Is face-to-face instruction provided for my student?
    Yes. All our instruction takes place in-person at the Connection Math Center, ensuring a direct and face-to-face learning experience for your student.
  • Do you offer virtual tutoring?
    Currently, we exclusively offer in-person tutoring at our center. We firmly believe in the power of face-to-face interactions, as they contribute significantly to enhanced learning outcomes.
  • Will my student receive adequate attention if paired with someone in a different math level?
    Absolutely. We understand the importance of individualized attention. While pairing students of varying math levels, we ensure that each student receives focused independent work. This approach not only facilitates growth opportunities but also promotes interaction and mutual learning among students.
  • Will I always have the same tutor?
    No, we believe it's beneficial for students to experience a variety of teaching perspectives. This approach helps them explore different ways of approaching similar problems.
  • Is it possible to change tutors at any point?
    We welcome feedback on any of our tutors or services. However, we don’t allow signing up for a specific tutor. Tutor schedules are only determined one week in advance. Specific tutor assignments are made when the student comes to the Connection Math Center for their lesson, providing flexibility in accommodating various time slots for students to come in.
  • How will you address my student’s specific learning needs?
    Prior to each lesson, our tutors discuss the student's goals and needs, tailoring the lesson accordingly. Additionally, we utilize specialized software to generate problems aligned with their learning objectives that will assist them in comprehension and growth over time.We employ our three core problem-solving approaches: fundamentals, demonstration, and questioning. Students are encouraged to use each method as appropriate, empowering them to reach their goals and deepen their understanding. Dive Deeper Into Our Approach.
  • Why isn't my student progressing at a faster pace?
    Students naturally learn at varying rates, and it's important to us to address our students at their current need and level. Our program directs attention towards current challenges, which might involve revisiting earlier math concepts, the fundamentals, that haven't been thoroughly developed before. While building on fundamentals may take additional time, it lays the groundwork for a more robust foundation in the future.
  • Why should my student continue to come back after the class is over or the test is completed?
    Math plays a key role in developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, essential for navigating the world beyond exams and classrooms. Our aim is to empower students to extend their skills beyond academic settings, applying analytical thinking to real-life situations. We invite you to share your student's math goals with us, and we'll strive to assist them in achieving those objectives, both in the classroom and for their future.
  • What is the process for booking lessons?
    Fill out the Intake Form: Clients start by filling out a form providing information about the student or client. Purchase Lesson Packs: After the form, clients buy lesson packs. These packs contain a certain number of lessons. See Pricing. Schedule Lessons: Typically, clients schedule semi-private lessons with tutors at our center. These lessons are designed for two students with one tutor. Lessons are a minimum of 1 hour and can be scheduled in half-hour increments. Flexible Options: If preferred, clients can also opt for private lessons based on their preference, please contact us to help you set this up.
  • Do you offer SAT/ACT testing support?
    We do not offer direct testing support for SAT/ACT standardized testing. However, we firmly believe that learning and mastering math fundamentals will help significantly improve their performance on these exams.
  • What is the cost?
    When you purchase a 5-pack of 1-hour lessons, the rate is $50 per hour, totaling $250. For a more economical option, consider a 10-pack of 1-hour lessons at the price of $450, amounting to $45 per hour.
  • If I have multiple students, do I have to buy separate lesson packs for them?
    No, you can buy a single pack of lessons and distribute it among multiple students. We only require that each student is linked to the same parent/client payment account for convenient management.
  • How frequently will I be billed?
    Billing is seamlessly aligned with the number of lessons purchased in a package up front, and lessons are deducted from your package as you use them. The process is flexible and convenient, ensuring you have control over your learning journey. Purchase Now.
  • Where are you located?
    We are conveniently situated near major freeways 280, 880 and 87, providing easy access to our location. Additionally, we're just a 10-minute walk from the Race Street VTA station on the green line, offering convenient public transportation access. Find Us.
  • Can I drop off my student at the Connection Math Center?
    Yes, you are welcome to drop them off and leave them for their lesson. We kindly ask that you pomptly pick them up after their lesson concludes.
  • Is there parking?
    Parking is available in front of the Center for student drop-offs. However, if you plan to stay during the lesson, we kindly request that you park in the rear of the building. This helps facilitate smoother access for other students arriving during the session.
  • How early should we arrive to the lesson?
    We kindly request that you arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled lesson time. While parents are welcome to stay, our waiting room has limited space. To avoid overcrowding the front parking spaces, we encourage parents to explore nearby shops or, if waiting in their car, to park in the back. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
  • What happens if my student is late to a lesson?
    If your student is late, they can complete the remaining scheduled lesson time. However, we cannot extend beyond the scheduled end time due to commitments with other students.
  • What happens if my student misses a lesson?
    If your student misses a lesson without informing us by noon the previous day, we will charge the full value of the lesson.
  • What happens if the assigned tutor is not available?
    In the event that the assigned tutor is unavailable, an alternative tutor or the center director will step in until the original tutor is present. If, for any reason, no tutors are available, we will reschedule the lesson for another time, and there will be no charge incurred by the student/parent for that particular lesson.
  • What do I do if my student is sick?
    Please inform us promptly if your student is sick, and refrain from coming into the center out of respect for our staff and fellow students. We'll make efforts to find a suitable replacement time once they are feeling better. Our policy allows for one sick rescheduling per month with no fees.
  • What are the age limits?
    While our typical ages range from 12 to 18, we focus more on math level than age. We tailor our tutoring based on specific math levels, covering subjects from pre-algebra through calculus and beyond. It's important to note that currently, we do not provide tutoring for content falling below the pre-algebra level.

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