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Above & Beyond STEM:
Math Summer Workshops

Are you ready to dive into the world of programming, mathematics, and gaming analytics this summer? Look no further! Join us for our dynamic workshops designed to ignite your passion for learning and exploration.

Writing on the Board

Welcome to ConnectionMath

Innovative. Collaborative. Empowering.

Discover a world of math that ignites curiosity, provides flexible learning pathways, and fosters a thriving community of learners committed to the success of every student.

Book with us today and watch your child's confidence and skills in math soar to new heights.
Master math from 6th grade and up with our tailored after-school program at our tutoring center,
building confidence and skills for success!
Pre Algebra

Pre Algebra


Algebra 1 &

Algebra 2




Pre Calculus &





Sam is learning so much through the sessions with Connection Math. He is prepared for class with the extra help and it not only helps with content in the class but with his confidence too!


Connection Math was able to help my daughter understand something in calculus that she was struggling with. She was VERY happy after her session knowing that she could solve problems on her own!


Connection Math has taught me more about statistics in one hour than my teacher did this whole semester. Great tutor! 10/10 would definitely recommend to anyone.


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